AST care

At AST your needs are our task.
We understand that a profitable and safe operation is what you want.

Our service system is a configuration of technology and networks designed to deliver what you need.

We provide industry and technology expertise to identify and address your unique challenges and meet your goals.

We execute globally and support locally.

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From manufacturing automation to information solutions, AST offer a variety of consulting service for many industrial fields by virtue of our long expertise and wide knowledge.

AST can help you to identify process and equipment problems that are hindering your production performance in every aspect of your operations.


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As your partner, we listen you carefully to learn about your resources, potentiality and goals.

We make evaluation and after understanding your unique situation, we assist you to make the right decision.

We provide safe, expandable and dedicated solution.

Our initiative and accuracy on customized service extends beyond the project designing and engineering, implementation to include any details like functions, language and interface.

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At AST we are committed to providing support for the entire cycle of life of our products.

We guarantee you a fast response to remove any problem and potential hazard.

We also offer a comprehensive testing and maintenance of our Control and Safety Systems to conduct a long term reliable and available system operation.

With many years of experience our skilled service engineers are at your disposal to offer you the most sophisticated services with full range of professionals service tools.

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We know that high quality training is essential to better understand.

AST offer training courses to ensure the a highly safe and superior productivity in your field, identify skill gaps and improve job performance and productivity.


Via Verona 10

Cornaredo (MI), 20010


+39 02 93567338